God’s Absolute Truth vs. Other Religions

It’s always a big issue with the world today (and the world is still hostile towards God ever since the Fall of Man) that John 14:6 is bigotry. It’s a common idea to say that you still worship the God of the Bible regardless what religion you practice. They say that you can make it to Heaven if you just live the best you can. Pope Francis even endorses that idea. The late Theresa of Calcutta and the late John Paul II also endorsed that idea. Both figures were also featured in Tzu Chi Foundation which is a Buddhist organization. I even found a meme from a Buddhist temple that had the gods of the other religions giving Jesus a birthday cake. The idea in itself sounds sweet but the problem is it’s not biblical. Try reading John 14:6 on the faces of anyone and people are going to object one way or another. “You’re not acting like Jesus!” or “You’re going to Hell for saying that!” are among of the many objections anybody can get for saying there’s only Jesus as the Way to the Father. The truth is, I didn’t say it, Jesus said it. Go and tell Jesus that He’s not the only Way to the Father if that’s the case!

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Adam’s Sin and Man’s Total Depravity

Studying Genesis is essential to knowing the Bible. Sure, some may start off studying the New Testament first because it’s what we use. However, the Old Testament plays an importance in understanding the moral law, God’s holiness, and appreciate our salvation more. Genesis has the themes related to Creation, Fall, Flood, and Nation. All these point to the total depravity of man. Adam and Eve would be the first two people who we need to analyze to further understand this total depravity.

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The Nightmare World of Chick Publications

A Catholic apologist named Jimmy Akin wrote a book called The Nightmare World of Jack Chick. While this isn’t any way to endorse Catholicism or that I’ve returned to it after renouncing it–Akin however would have the right to have such a title to describe the late Jack T. Chick’s perception of the world. Akin himself started out as a Protestant but showed himself to be a false convert (1 John 2:19) when he converted to Catholicism later in life. However, I’m not going to dismiss any useful information that Akin would have otherwise it’d be a genetic fallacy. However, even without the book, Chick does create a terribly crazy nightmare world. Chick was a fundamentalist Baptist and an extreme KJV Only. Some KJV Onlyist are sane but Chick is definitely not one of them. Akin does manage to really present that Chick Publications is anything but scholarly. It would be really best for any serious team to avoid Chick Publications at all costs!

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A Critical Re-Examination of the Alberto Rivera Story

The Alberto Rivera story is one of the many things that may have fascinated many people, even saved people, for a very long time. Yours truly me, was once a follower of the story of the late Rivera’s supposed testimony of how, he an alleged former Jesuit priest, found Christ and became a missionary to Catholics. However, even during the time I was fascinated by the story, there were already links in the Internet that were proving Rivera was not a man of God but a charlatan. There are even claims that he wasn’t a former Jesuit priest. Though the Jack T. Chick had Sidney Hunter write a book to defend Rivera with a book called Is Alberto for Real? which tried to back-up some of Rivera’s claims. Some of Rivera’s claims can’t be denied as fact yet the guy has a lot of exaggerations. I failed to apply critical thinking and may have missed some parts that turned out exaggerated by artistic truth to start with.

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Jesus-is-Savior’s Confusing Conspiracy World

It’s no secret that David J. Stewart is out on parole. Rather than admit his guilt, he has managed to play the victim more than once. I think his former wife divorcing him was probably a result of his sexual misconduct in Guam. Yet, he has shown no signs of repentance even after he pleaded guilty during his arrest. Instead, he continues to hammer Harvest Baptist Church in Guam and played the victim. He even has a blog called Stewart 1611. Read it if you dare for more of his wacky conspiracy theories and outrageous claims. Like the late Jack T. Chick (whom he later falsely accused of teaching salvation by works), the guy is fond of conspiracy theories. What is also know is that he’s a member of the Hyles-Anderson College and that the sexual abuses have been well-documented. I used to believe Hyles was a man of God until more evidence was piled against him. David W. Cloud’s research managed to show that Hyles was no man of God but another wolf in sheep’s clothing. I admit, I used to read his page a lot and that’s why I’m writing this one!

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Rising Political Correctness is a Sign of the End Times

When doing a study about the end times–it’s very easy to get fixated on conspiracy theories (especially regarding the COVID-19 pandemic), technologies available today that can give way to the Mark of the Beast, plans to establish a cashless society (which is plain economic suicide), and anything that can put in the Illuminati or the New World Order into power. Again, the New World Order will not succeed until God decides it’s time for them to rule the world. Eventually, the New World Order will be destroyed in due time at the Battle of Armageddon. What we often fail to look as a sign of the times is not just the preaching of the Gospel–it’s also the rising political correctness!

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The Influence of Soil and Human Health Proves Adam is Man’s Common Ancestor

EMBO Press

A study of the science in Genesis is necessary. Defend Genesis and you have a solid foundation. Fail to defend Genesis and you get a shaky foundation. Pretty much, the battle is against the fallacy of evolution cleverly (and falsely) called as science. It would be interesting to get scientific information that would get you to understand that God indeed created the first man from the soil.

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The Sacrament of Believer’s Baptism

For the Baptist, there are two offices (pastor and deacon) along with two sacraments. The word sacrament can be easily misunderstood. A sacrament for the born-again Christian view is that a sign or symbol of a spiritual reality. Born-again Christians don’t believe that the sacraments save souls but that the sacraments are true evidences of a saved soul. It’s always salvation before sanctification, qualification the unqualified before sending them to do their job, and it’s God’s grace before a life of good works. This would also apply for the sacrament of the believer’s baptism.

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